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Becoming a parent is possibly one of the biggest transitions a person will make in their lifetime. With this enormous change, comes often great joy but also great stress.

Most parents know that how they parent will have a huge impact on their children. This can be and often is a hugely anxiety provoking concept – the idea that there might be a right way and a wrong way to parent and that how we parent could impact our children in devastating ways. We so want to do our best for our children.

However, all parents have limitations. These limitations can include having had poor role models in their own parents, or can be to do with current day stressors such as financial and job pressures, or issues in their relationships.

Therapy for parents might include exploring their family of origin experiences and reflecting on how these experiences play out in their own parenting style. Therapy might also include working on managing stress more effectively or work-shopping ideas about how to deal with a particular issue involving one of their children. Therapy might be about getting stuff of your chest or about getting information about the better parenting strategies.

Therapy might include an individual parent, or the couple or the whole family.